Milliman's Privacy Policy

1.     Our Pledge to You

2.     Sharing Your Personal Information

3.     Browsers and Internet Security

4.     Your Username and Password

5.     Importance of Logging Off

6.     Security Risk of Using Non-Approved Automated Software Applications

7.     About Cookies

8.     Communicating with Milliman

9.     Change

This policy is effective as of 02/25/2014.

At Milliman, we value your business and are dedicated to guarding the privacy of information entrusted to us as we maintain your account records. Our privacy policy detailed below illustrates how important it is to Milliman that we partner with you to protect your privacy and security.

1.   Our Pledge to You

You can be assured that we will:

A.     Not sell personal information to anyone.

B.     Use personal information in ways that are compatible with the purposes for which you supplied it. For example, we will use the information you supply us only to process your requests and transactions. We limit the collection and use of personal information to that which is necessary to administer your plan and to deliver superior service to you. To serve you better, we may combine information you give us on the website or through other channels.

C.    Protect the confidentiality of any personal information you share with us. Milliman policies forbid employees with access to confidential participant information from using or disclosing the information except for business use. All employees are required to safeguard such information, as specified in their confidentiality agreements with Milliman.

D.    Continue to evaluate our efforts to protect personal information and make every effort to keep your personal information accurate and up to date. If you identify any error in your personal information or need to make a change to that information, please contact us and we will use reasonable efforts to promptly update our records. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email by clicking Contact Us in this website. .

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2.   Sharing Your Personal Information

We will share personal information with others only as stated in this document, unless we give you additional notice or ask for your permission.

Data processing and storage

We may share personal information with third-party agents or contractors or within Milliman and our worldwide affiliates for purposes of data processing or storage.

Authorized third-party agents

We may share your personal information with authorized third-party agents or contractors in order to provide a requested service or transaction or to offer related services.

Legal requirements and illegal activities

We may respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process by disclosing your personal information and other related information. We may collect and share personal information in order to investigate or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, or as otherwise required by law or by government and regulatory entities.

Web site administration

Personal information may be used to administer our business, the site, and our services. This may include disclosure of such information to employees, representatives, officers, agents, affiliates, third parties, and service providers.

Electronic authentication

Collection and use of information for authentication purposes is part of the login process for clients registered to use the site. A Combination of authentication criteria such as your user information, transactional data, session surveillance, device fingerprint, IP information and pattern recognition may be collected and used by us.

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3.   Browsers and Internet Security

Our security processes begin as soon as you login to our website. Any time you enter or provide personal information in this website (such as a Social Security number, User ID or Password), we encrypt it using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL protects information as it crosses the internet. To support this technology, you need an SSL-capable browser. Milliman's site supports Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher as well as Firefox 2.0.

You can tell if you are visiting a secure area within a website by looking at the symbol on the bottom of your browser screen. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see either a lock or a key. When the symbol appears unbroken or the padlock is in the locked position, your session connection is taking place via a secure server. You can move your cursor over the padlock to see a message stating that this is "SSL secured (128 Bit)".

Another way to verify that your communication is being protected is the HTTPS appearing in front of the URL address for that web page.

If you need a strong encryption browser, you can go to the Microsoft website to download the latest Internet Explorer browser. We do not recommend the use of beta browser versions.

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4.   Your Username and Password

Your Username and Password are your private entry keys into your account. You should never share either item with anyone and you should change one or both periodically. You can change your Username and/or password at any time after logging in to this website and accessing your Personal Profile. Both Username and Password are case-sensitive, adding an extra layer of security.

Username - The first time you access our website, you will be asked if you would like to change your Username. We strongly urge you to create a unique Username that is not your Social Security number or any other personal data item that is commonly used.

Our Login credential requirements are defined in a manner that keeps your security in mind.  Account lockout protection and secure methods of login and password retrieval are available in the case that you have forgotten them.

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5.   Importance of Logging Off

After you've finished accessing your retirement account, remember to log off. This prevents someone else from accessing your account if you leave your computer and your session has not "timed out," or automatically shut down.

This website will automatically log you out of your account if there had been no activity within a specified amount of time. This can keep others from accessing your account if you fail to log out.

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6.   Security Risk of Using Non-Approved Automated Software Applications

For security reasons and to guard the safety of your data, access to this site is limited to browsers supported by this system as listed in the Browsers and Internet Security section. Under no circumstances should you use any software, program, application, or any other device to access or log in to this website, or to automate the process of obtaining, downloading, transferring, or transmitting any content to or from Milliman's computer systems, website, or proprietary software.

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7.   About Cookies

To personalize your experience on our website and to enhance security within the site, we may assign your computer browser a unique random number, called a "cookie."

Cookies enhance website performance in several important ways: they provide a secure way for us to verify your identity during your online session, they personalize your experience on our site, and they make your visit to our site more convenient for you.

Your privacy and security are not compromised when you accept a cookie from our website. We do not use cookies to collect personal information. Cookies from a secure site such as this website
are encrypted and sent securely, and a cookie cannot read data from your computer's hard disk or read cookie files from other websites.

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8.   Communicating with Milliman

If your plan utilizes the Contact Us feature of this website, contact made with Milliman (after you have logged in with your Social Security number and Password) is secured with the same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology we use to transmit private account information. So please remember that any contact to Milliman identifying your account should originate in the secure Milliman website.

In our current environment, there have been growing concerns regarding fraudulent emails sent from service providers to their users, often called "phishing" or "spoofing". Milliman does not currently utilize your email address to send any type of marketing or advertisements. Milliman may send emailed and mailed communications to you in response to your Contact Us request or to request feedback from you on that response. If you have chosen ecommunications as the communications delivery method for your retirement plan on this website, then you may receive the following emailed communications:

  • Confirmations when your transactions have been requested and processed
  • Notices regarding upcoming autorebalances
  • Notifications that online statements are available
  • Plan reminders, updates or notices approved by your plan administrator.

Correcting and Updating Your Information

The accuracy of your personal information is important to us. If you have a concern about your personal or account information maintained at Milliman, or want to correct, update, or confirm your information, please login to this website and send us an email by clicking Contact Us in this website.

What Can You Do To Help?

Your help is critical in solidifying security measures. By partnering together, we can increase web security for your personal information. Here are the things you can do to help us protect your account.

A.     Update your computer and browser software with security updates as they are released.

B.     Change your Password and/or your Login ID frequently using the guidelines listed in the Username and Password section above.

C.    Never share your Username or Password with anyone.

D.    Always logoff this website when your business is complete.

E.     Avoid using someone else's computer to access your account.

F.     Review your statements and confirms carefully.

G.    Shred hardcopy data showing personal information.

H.    Immediately report any unusual activity in your account to your plan sponsor or directly to Milliman.

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9.   Change

We may change our privacy policy from time to time. We therefore ask you to check it occasionally to ensure that you are aware of the most recent version. The policy was last updated 02/25/2014.

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